Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team

The New York City Elopement Team


Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team - all inclusive NYC wedding packages

Tell us where to start. What do we need to know about eloping in New York City?

Well, let us start by congratulating you, because you’re definitely in the right place with these FAQs. In fact, we’ve put together just the blog post you’re looking for – how to elope in New York City. Check it out in English or German, depending on where in the world you’re coming from. And if seeing is believing is more your style, head on over to our YouTube channel too. Venue walk-throughs, hidden gem locations and the need-to-know license process is covered from start to finish, on film, for you. You’re welcome!

Why elopements?

We’re lovers and we love a love story. An elopement is as romantic as it gets, and then you throw in New York City! Connecting with couples is what gives us a buzz and we put that energy to work to bring together your unique elopement experience. We’re not just here for the day, we’re here for the long haul. Many of our couples become friends, too! So if a personal service to match your intimate wedding plans sounds like your vibe, then we’re the duo for you. Let’s focus on your love story without the demands of 100 guests!

When should we get in touch?

The sooner, the better. They do say the early bird catches the worm after all. New York City is fast paced and full of wonder, but all that buzz still requires planning too. We’ll do our best to accommodate couples at short notice, but most reach out 6 to 12 months before the big date.

Can you help us find other suppliers?

Sure! You don’t need to be inviting every relative and long lost cousin to deserve to feel your best on your wedding day. Hair, makeup, flowers – whatever makes you feel pampered and elopement ready. When you plan with us, we’ll work our industry relationships to bring you the best. Ready to feel like a rock star?

Our elopement is low key, but we still want music. Can you help?

String quartets or soul musicians, pianists or acapella groups – name your jam and we’ll have you dancing down the aisle for your New York City elopement.

Can I still have flowers?

Our all-in-one elopement packages can be all you want them to be. And let us tell you – you’re in for a treat when it comes to floral design in New York City. Collaborate with our go-to NYC florist or select your own from a custom-made short list. We’ll bring the best florists to you.

Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team - all inclusive NYC wedding packages
Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team - all inclusive NYC wedding packages

What if we don’t want to deal with the decision making – can you do that for us?

For couples who just want to focus on each other and forget about the finer details, our all-in-one elopement packages will be a winner. Combining the best talent in New York City to create an elopement that feels true to you, our all inclusive wedding packages will feel good, look great and won’t break the bank. Plus, you’ll have every detail taken care of, from the permit and licenses to the styling and ceremony.

We’re from out of town and need to find a location. Help!

Now’s the time to take a deep exhale and relax, because we’ve got you covered! Head over to our YouTube channel and you can walk through New York’s best elopement locations from home to truly get a feel for the place. And if you don’t fall instantly in love, don’t sweat! Let us know what you imagine and we’ll hit the streets to find a new location to tick all your boxes.

We’re not having a large-scale reception, but we want to celebrate. Where?

Rooftop bars for cocktails and canapes, uber-cool restaurants for a low-key reception, or landmark moments for a banquet for two. You tell us what’s on your perfect menu and we’ll lockdown the eatery for you. New York City’s foodie scene knows no bounds. You’re in for a serious treat.

When will we see the photos?

We get it, your wedding photos are some of the most eagerly shared and for no occasion more so than your elopement – you want to share your best day ever! We’ll wet your appetite with a sneak peek on Instagram, before your full album is ready within 4 – 6 weeks of the big one. Faster, if we can!

Are the photos edited? Will we have to pose?

Edited, yes. Posing, no! We’re here for authenticity, for emotion, for love – yours. Trust us, you won’t need any poses to help you show that when you elope. What we will do is give your photos the flawless finish they deserve, editing for exposure, contrast, color and white balance. The quality you see here and in our portfolio is the exact same quality you can expect.

We need to find a witness and don’t know anyone in New York City. Can you help?

Yes, yes and yes! We love to play a part in your elopement experience, and bearing witness to your marriage would be an honour. Just let us know so we can have the appropriate ID ready on the day.

Where do your couples come from to get married in New York City?

Let’s play a game: close your eyes, pick a spot on the map and we’ve probably had a couple close by! Seriously though, we’ve helped marry couples from the US, Europe, South America, even Australia and further afield. Our couples clientele is always expanding. We’d love to hear where you choose to call home.

Can you help us with the paperwork – what marriage license do we need?

Eloping to New York City has many perks, and one of them is the paperwork. Sure, you need to apply and receive the right permits and licence, but we’re on hand to help with the process. Need an ‘Apostille’ or an ‘Extended Form’? No worries. Choose our all-in-one elopement collection and we’ll do the paperwork for you, whether you’re native to the US or from overseas.

Ready to plan your New York City elopement?

We’re excited and we bet you are too, so reach out and let us know your plans! New York City is at your fingertips, and so is the elopement of your dreams…

Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team - all inclusive NYC wedding packages
Jackie and Sascha, The New York City Elopement Team


This is the biggest and most personal day of your lives yet, and you’re celebrating it in New York City! Let’s make it happen together. Just say the word.

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