Jackie & Sascha, the New York City Elopement Team

The New York City Elopement Team

x NYC Elopement Packages

Our convenient all-in-one NYC elopement packages start at $1300 for the combined service of Jackie’s ceremony and Sascha’s wedding coverage.
We have numerous collections that will fit your specific needs.
But also make sure to ask us about our convenient ‘All-in-One’ elopement packages where we bundle our services with other vendors on your wedding day here in New York.


Furthermore, please have a look at our FAQ section and check out – and subscribe to – our YOU TUBE CHANNEL
where we walk you through the license application process from start to finish.
And you will find other interesting videos that are all about getting married in New York City.


To get a quote for your wedding day,
please call Sascha at +1.347.200.5513, Jackie at +1.646.456.4555 or shoot us an email at JackieandSascha@gmail.com

We cannot wait to hear from you!
Jackie & Sascha | #TeamReinking

NYC Elopement Packages

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Jackie & Sascha | The New York City Elopement Team

NYC Destination Wedding Packages with Team Reinking

+1.347.200.5513 (Sascha)

+1.646.456.4555 (Jackie)

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